Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sightseeing in Prizren

::Tori (6/12)

By this morning, everyone is completely in tune with our regular schedule: get up, eat breakfast, and follow Visar to wherever he leads us. Today our destination was the lovely Prizren in southern Kosovo! The drive to this foreign place was absolutely majestic. The mountains were bright green, colossal, and bountiful. Emily even compared the scenery to that in "The Sound of Music," but bigger and more beautiful. The entire group spent the hour and a half long drive staring in awe of the magnificence.

When we arrived, we exited our vehicles and instantly felt our sweat glands activate. It was extremely hot outside, and we were all already languid from the ride. The entire group begged for macchiatos, and Visar took us to the nearest café to happily indulge us. From there we saw the largest Mosque in the Balkan region, which we unfortunately could not enter because we were all in athletic apparel. Though bummed, we examined the external aesthetics, and started to climb the huge mountain ahead of us. We were on our way to a castle! Though we do not know the historical significance yet, the view was absolutely breathtaking.

After the hundreds of pictures and the entertaining exploring, our group headed down the mountain towards the town. We visited an old bathhouse-turned-art-gallery that housed many photos of modern Kosovar life. After this, we walked towards an exhibit that had traditional clothing of Kosovo, which was very fun to see.

As a group, we then went to lunch. The drive up the mountains was again, amazing. When we  reached the restaurant, we sat down to a mountainous landscape in the background, birds chirping around us, and water rushing to tantalize both our eyes and our ear buds. I, for one, ate entirely too much at this beautiful restaurant and passed out in my bed as soon as we reached the hotel. Playing soccer twice yesterday and being in the sun all today completely wiped me out! At around 7, our group plus Lumi, Albinna, and Sanije all went over to Nora's for a delicious dinner. The night was filled with meeting new friends, watching wonderful soccer, and plenty of laughter for all.

This day was definitely one to remember. Not only did we see beautiful things, but we also met some more beautiful people. This day reminded me how wholehearted and wonderful the people of Kosovo are, and why it is so important to help them through sport and this project!

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Mike Hassy said...

Sound off music and regular schedule is really impressive for the soccer players. However, traveling is also a part of the soccer too! I think, the Barclays Premier League players should also include proper traveling to refresh mind like you guys doing :D

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